Alefkandra Sunset, Pastel, 110 x 32cm        Oia Sunset, Pastel, 110 x 22cm        Ocean Side, Pastel, 55 x 55cm        Ocean Side No2, Pastel, 55 x 19cm        Afternoon Tide, Pastel, 30 x 42cm        Sunset Reflections, Alex, Pastel, 21 x 40cm        Riding The Storm, Pastel, 50 x 25cm



Alexandra Headland Dawn, Pastel, 58 x 70cm        Alexandra Headland Dawn No.2, Pastel, 58 x 70cm        Alexandra Headland Dawn No.3, Pastel, 58 x 70cm        Alexandra Headland Dawn No.4, Pastel, 50 x 100cm        Alexandra Headland Dawn No.5, Pastel, 55 x 27cm        Cedar Creek, Eatons Crossing, Pastel, 40 x 70cm        Beach Path (People's Choice Award, Live Life Villages Art Prize 2010), Pastel, 40 x 90cm



Sandgate Pylons (Overall Winner, Live Life Villages Art Prize 2010), Pastel, 55 x 55cm        Currumbin Point, Pastel, 71 x 71cm        Coolum Beach, Pastel, 58 x 70cm        Greens Pool, Western Australia, Pastel, 110 x 32cm        Sunset From Currumbin Rock, Pastel, 55 x 55cm        Sunset At Mooloolaba Beach, Pastel, 55 x 55cm        Tree Of Solitude (3rd Prize, d'Arcy Doyle Landscape Art Award 2010), Pastel, 55 x 55cm



The Approaching Storm, Alexandra Headland, Pastel, 110 x 32cm        The Approaching Storm, Alexandra Headland No.2, Pastel, 55 x 55cm        Moonrise, Mooloolaba Beach, Pastel, 20 x 46cm        Story Bridge Vista, Pastel, 58 x 78cm        Sunday Afternoon Moorings, Pastel, 84 x 34cm        Escaping The Winter Shadows, Pastel, 28 x 37cm        Manly Moorings (triptych), Oil, 35 x 71 each



Sunset Reflections, Alexandra Headland, Pastel, 45 x 87cm        Cape Byron To Broken Head, Pastel, 46 x 35cm        Footprints In The Sand, Pastel, 29 x 29cm        Footprints In The Sand No.2, Pastel, 20 x 35cm        Pondering The Sea, Pastel, 70 x 49cm        Redcliffe Moorings, Pastel, 18 x 27cm        Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Pastel, 110 x 23cm



Frenchman's Beach, North Stradbroke Island, Pastel, 57 x 101cm        Frenchman's Beach Pandanus, Pastel, 26 x 68cm        Granite Bay, Noosa, Pastel, 98 x 49cm        Wellington Point Jetty, Pastel, 41 x 100cm        Wellington Point Jetty No.2, Pastel, 41 x 78cm        Wellington Point Jetty No.3 (People's Choice Award, Creativo Arts Gala 2011), Oil, 51 x 76cm        Wellington Point Jetty No.4, Pastel, 35 x 90cm



Yamba Coast, Pastel, 60 x 41cm        Walpole Inlet, Pastel, 45 x 55cm        Currumbin Rocks No.3, Pastel, 43 x 16cm        Currumbin Rocks No.4, Pastel, 43 x 13cm        Beach Path No.2, Gouache, 9 x 9cm        Coolum Beach Pandanus, Gouache, 9 x 9cm        Cape Paterson, Victoria, Pastel, 54 x 38cm



Eatons Crossing, Pastel, 60 x 32cm        Eatons Crossing No.2, Pastel, 77 x 62cm        Eatons Crossing No.3, Gouache, 9 x 9cm        Receding Water, South Stradbroke Island, Oil, 51 x 76cm        Shallows At Sunset, Alexandra Headland Beach, Oil, 60 x 76cm        Shady Restspot, Brisbane River, Pastel, 70 x 50cm        North Gorge, Stradbroke Island, Pastel, 64 x 46xm



Mooloolaba Beach, Oil, 61 x 45cm        Long Island, Pastel, 48 x 28cm        The Blue Lake, Tasmania, Pastel, 47 x 38cm        Elephant Rock, Currumbin Beach, Pastel, 70 x 25cm        Elephant Rock, Currumbin Beach No.2, Pastel, 60 x 36cm        Currumbin Beach Panorama, Pastel, 105 x 40cm        Outlook To Kangaroo Point, Pastel



Town Reach, Pastel (stolen from gallery in April 2000)        The Walter Taylor Bridge, Pastel        Walter Taylor Bridge, Pastel        Story Bridge Panorama, Pastel, 58 x 26cm        Story Bridge Aglow, Pastel        Riverside Vista, Pastel, 56 x 80cm        River Queen, Pastel



Port Douglas, Pastel, 48 x 30cm        Moonrise At Palm Beach, Pastel, 22 x 54cm        Emily & Slaughter Bay, Norfolk, Pastel, 24 x 40cm        Currumbin Beach From Atop Elephant Rock, Pastel, 70 x 70cm        Currumbin Beach (South Elephant Rock), Pastel, 54 x 22cm        Currumbin Beach (North Elephant Rock), Pastel, 103 x 32cm        Cemetery Bay, Norfolk Island, Pastel, 42 x 30cm



Cabarita Beach, Pastel, 48 x 30cm        Brisbane River Moorings, Pastel, 64 x 40cm        Beach Panorama, Pastel, 67 x 17cm        Botanic Garden Moorings, Pastel        A River View, Pastel        Story Bridge From Riverside, Pastel        View From Flat Rock, Pastel, 45 x 25cm




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