Commissioning a pet portrait is a wonderful way to immortalize your beloved dog, cat, horse, or any other animal into a beautiful piece of original artwork.  A pet portrait is a unique way of surprising that special someone for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day or Fathers Day.  It is the perfect gift for someone who has everything!


All portraits are produced from photos on acid-free archival board using artist quality soft pastels.  Pastel is the perfect medium for portraits, particularly for representing the detail of hair and fur.  Once framed behind glass, a pastel portrait will last for many generations.  I am happy to also arrange framing for you if so desired.


A selection of Pet Portrait Examples are shown below.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.  I will be happy to provide a quote once I have received a photo of your special pet (photos can be posted or emailed).



Ed, Pastel, 45 x 35cm        Jackson, Pastel, 38 x 45cm        Jesse, Pastel, 38 x 45cm        Moet, Pastel, 45 x 56cm        Scoobie, Pastel, 50 x 40cm        Bronson, Pastel, 45 x 35cm        Glenn & Jake, Pastel, 47 x 35cm



Asari, Pastel, 40 x 45cm        Bazil, Pastel, 38 x 45cm        Harvey, Pastel, 30 x 33cm        Ruby, Pastel, 59 x 40cm        Timmy, Pastel, 30 x 40cm        Keisha, Pastel, 37 x 38cm        Yogi, Pastel, 37 x 42cm



Fletcher, Pastel, 42 x 50cm        Nikki & Spooge, Pastel, 45 x 50cm        Hugh & P.B., Pastel, 50 x 50cm        Missy & Mindy, Pastel, 50 x 40cm        Jefferson, Pastel, 30 x 42cm        Kayla, Pastel, 29 x 42cm        Monty & Sam, Pastel, 52 x 42cm



Cait & Bella, Pastel, 40 x 50cm        Pepper & Kody, Pastel, 50 x 40cm       Roxy, Pastel, 50 x 35cm         Gemma, Pastel, 45 x 34cm        Rhody, Amber, Dodger & Peefer, Pastel, 62 x 45cm        Sonny, Pastel, 50 x 40cm        Bobby, Pastel, 33 x 40cm



Benny, Pastel, 45 x 36cm        Jasmin, Pastel, 30 x 35cm





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